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Price increase - most probably
Due to the current political situation in the world and the financial situation resulting directly from it, we are investigating the possibility of increasing our prices.

Because the USA is fighting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and the left liberal leadership of the EU thinks, that it's a good idea to support the USA and Mr Zelensky by sending money and weapons to Ukraine, not only prolonging a war on the back of their citizens (which war they have absolutely no business with btw), they also install sanctions for Russia, which harm only the lives of US and EU citizens, but not Russians', and because these sanctions cause extreme highs in Gas, Oil and Energy prices all over the US and EU, which again result in price highs and shortages for food and other living expenses, which again result in salary raises for our programmers and independent contractors, we are forced to think about raising our prices as well.

We started the service in 2016 with our current prices. We raised the prices in January 2018 and dropped the prices again in January 2019 to the previous prices, which are intact ever since.

Now, 6 years after releasing our website to the public, the inflation can not be covered with these prices anymore. Even if we felt in 2019 that our service might be slightly overpriced, after two years of Covid and due to the current situation, we don't think that anymore.

Our development and maintenance expenses raise constantly.

This is an advance notice as described in our Terms of Use in paragraph
10. Fees and Payment
10.1 Service Fees

We might raise our prices in 2022-2023 again.

If you want to avoid this, you can either advertise our service, so more people join in and pay (use your referral link!), or you can switch to a cheaper EPG provider and flush your money down the toilet, or you can ask your IPTV provider to get the EPG from us and provide it to you as part of their service, or you can force your government to stop bullshitting you.

Thank you for your understanding.
As a result of our investigation, we decided that, just like many other companies, we will have to forward the PayPal fees to the customers.

We no longer can swallow these additional costs.

We won't raise our prices, but we will calculate and display the PayPal fees on your subscription page, which you have to pay in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.

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