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EPG has not been generated yet
Just signed up for a year at the top tier and was wondering how long it takes for the EPG to build before I can use it? I've read the FAQ and checked all my settings and everything seems to be setup correctly.


Click SAVE button.
Yeah I did that, finally showed a populated EPG after 3 hours. Have to say it was worth the wait. So far way better EPG than the one I was using.
When you click the save button, the xml is (re)generated immediately. After a few seconds - minutes you have your xml file based on the number of channels you chose.

Your xml is updated every 4 hours automatically.
If it took 3 hours after clicking a save button, then something else prevented your app using it.

Please use the ticket system if you need help.
We do not have support over the forum. I just tuned in, because nobody else did.

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