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Subtitle for VOD
I cant find the option to select subtitles for vod searched forums on several terms like sub, srt and subtitle but could not find a thread so i thought ill start.


Love your app working  great on my samsung TV if the options, navigation, sorting for vod would be upgraded this would be the goat app
I know you dont love the VOD but many people wish you best of luck with the development keep up the great work!
We will release a new version of the Android app in the coming week that will have all the controls for VOD movies and subtitle and audio track options as well and also you will get all the posters and descriptions and actor names etc to all movies automatically.

After that we will start to add the same features to the Samsung app as well.
We added choosing subtitle and audio tracks of movies to our AndroidTV app.
It will be added to the Samsung and the Amazon app too.

Also you will receive all the posters and movie info automatcially if your movies are marked as VOD in the editor.


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