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Show # of channels in each Group on Edit Mode
I would like to ask if it would be possible to show how many channels each group has when editing Channels & Groups.   For people with a large number of Groups, especially Groups marked as "No EPG, VOD" so that they are out of view but not deleted, this would be very beneficial for us to know when a new channel or old channels are still contained within those groups <and> which groups are empty.  Otherwise, you have to manually edit every group to verify whether it is empty or not. 


Current Columns:   (Select|Sort|GroupName|Action|Edit Channels)

Suggested Columns:  (Select|Sort|GroupName|Action|Edit Channels [##])   -- Or something similar Smile

You see the number of the channels in a group when you are inside the group.
On the tab at the top there is the number.

I understand that it could be beneficial to show that number also in the group list next to the group name.

I added this to the todo list, do not expect it for tomorrow though.
This has been added

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