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not able to Merge m3u
Hello, I have 3 m3u playlist files in my account and I want to merge one of them into another one but the only option to merge it is into the original/first one I uploaded to my account but I would like to merge it into the second playlist I uploaded. Can you add the option to select any of the playlists to merge into. Thank you
Moved to feature request.
Good morning, just wondering if the technical staff can fix this soon. Thank you
We have a very long to do list and very little time.
Also development costs money, which we don't have.
People don't want to pay, but expect high quality service.
Unfortunately you can only have one or the other  Big Grin

We can not promise anything, expect that we will add all the needed features as soon as possible, based on our available time and money.
Hello, just curious what number this is on your to-do list? Smile
Around 347 Tongue
This has been implemented into the site.

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