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Auto Pilot Mode [duplicate request]
Would love to have 2 toggle switchs that would allow:

1. Auto Delete of removed sources
2. Auto Add new sources and/or replace pre-existing sources (name match) w/ notification of changes for manual EPG checking/fixing

Let me know if you have any questions or would like elaboration

I understand what you want.
I will ask the programmers if it's possible, however, even if it's possible, you will have to wait a few months because we have to do some important stuff before we can start adding new features.

Among others we have to revamp the m3u handling completely to make it faster, so it wouldn't make sense to build new features on a system that will be replaced anyway.
Just realized this is a duplicate request after reading some of the other requests.

Feel free to close this if you want
Ok, thanks.
This has been implemented as a profile option.
If you experience any issues, please send us a ticket.

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