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Multiple editable M3U files
I did not see this in any of the forums sections or FAQ, so here it is as a feature request. 

The ability to create multiple M3U files for different IPTV clients.  

I like to watch sports, documentaries, auto and some foreign channels on the IPTV client I use.
My wife does not like scrolling though all the channels, to fine that ones she is interested in.

I would be nice to take the current editable M3U file, select certain channels and copy them into a new M3U file (include EPG).  From there I can load her channels onto her IPTV client, such as her iPad.  

I am aware that IPTV services are limited to a single connection.   That should not matter, for I can load the same M3U file on multiple devices as long as one is being used at a time.

If this is already possible, I would be interested to know how.
You can do all those things if you subscribe to a package that allows multiple m3u files.

The trial account and the 100 channel account doesn't have the multi m3u feature.

Please read the descriptions of the packages on the pricing page

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