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Re-assign existing channel when tvg-id is changed!
When you change the tvg-id of a channel, could you please find a way to re-assign the new tvg-id to the already existing channel, istead of expecting from your customers to do so?
I hope it's not too difficult for you!
Here is what I mean:
No, we can not do that.
How should it work in your opinion?

We can not scan hundreds of thousands of m3u files to check if they had the tvg-id we just changed.
That would take extreme resources as it should happen at least once every day, if we wanted to work it like you imagine.

This is an EPG service in the first line, with an additional editor to help you manage and edit your lists.
It is not for taking all responsibility from you.
There are many ways in which you could do that.
For example, there could be a section in the forum where you could post the newly added channels, and those that have a changed tvg-id due to a channel's renaming, let's say!
These could also be done by sending a newsletter email to inform your customers about these changes.
tvg-ids change, channels disappear and new channels appear all the time.
the easiest way to find out, as also written in the FAQ, is checking the channel list when the channel doesn't work.
This is the first step.

If I would start sending newsletters every time a tvg-id changed, people would start marking our emails as spam very soon.

I post changes of tvg-ids if there are significant changes.
I won't post single channels, because I don't think of it in the first place, but also because I probably have more important things to do.

I am sitting here since 9 am and now it is almost midnight and I just fixed stuff, added new stuff, replied to emails, orchestrated programmers and did 1000 other things without a break except eating lunch.
And this is my day every day, 24/7/365
So posting a changed tvg id is really the last thing on my schedule. Sorry.
That was a very polite reply!
So I feel that I need to apologize for being annoying!
Sorry and thanks for your work!
Thanks for understanding!

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