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Channels you can't ask for
  • HD channels (HD is just a screen resolution. It doesn't change the programming! At least it doesn't in 99.99% of the cases)
  • +1, +2, +24, East-West channels (they are time shifted versions of their main channel - use your m3u to time shift the main EPG)
  • Already available channels (I will ignore every request if I see that you didn't even care to look for them!)
  • Local channels of big networks. (They have in most cases the same programming, just with local news. Waste of time and resources)
  • Local channels of big networks in small, unimportant towns which are not really needed by a bigger group of people.
  • Channels that have no local programming and/or have no programming in local languages
  • VOD services

  • Empire Cinema
  • Peackock, Pluto and similar providers' channels. (We have no time for their randomly created and shortly after discontinued bullshit channels. What is there is there, if they all disappear slowly, we won't update their random playlists.)

USA & Canada
  • CBSN or CBS News US (No real linear tv channel. Collection of news reports to be integrated into different partner channels. No own EPG)
  • Universal (No such channel in the USA)
  • Food Network Colombia
  • M20 TV
  • TVO Kids (or TV Ontario Kids)
  • ESPN3 (impossible!)
  • ESPN+ (impossible)
  • IFC (it's Independent Film Channel and it's already in the US list)
  • OLN (it's  Outdoor Life Network and it's already in the Canada list) 
  • Centric (it was renamed to BET Her and it's already in the list)
  • H2 USA or History2 USA (doesn't exist - became Viceland)
  • Fox Canada (There is no such channel)
  • BYU (is in the list by it's official name Brigham Young University)
  • NFL Now (It's a video service, not a TV channel)
  • Comcast Sports Network Channels (renamed to NBC Sports)
  • / Sports Illustrated TV (it's a VOD service not a tv channel)
  • Fight Network USA (It's a Canadian channel. There is no USA version)
  • NFL Gamepass (it's a streaming service with multiple games at once. No linear Schedule possible)
  • TMN 1-4 (were renamed to Crave1-4)
  • Classic tv 4u, Doucumentaries 4 u, Sci-fi 4u (Web streams, no EPG)
  • (Renamed to CTV Sci-Fi)
  • People TV (No EPG)
  • Fite (Not a TV channel, no linear schedule. Multiple events at the same time.)
  • UFC TV (Doesn't exist)
  • Fox Sports Prime Ticket (replaced by Bally Sport)
  • DIY Network (replaced by Magnolia Network)
  • ConTV (not a linear TV channel.)
  • Epix channels (discontinued January 15, 2023)

Mexico & Latin America
  • All HBO channels (already present in Panama)

UK & Ireland
  • TNT UK
  • BBC3 UK (it's an internet channel without EPG)
  • True Movies 2 UK (it's called True Movies +1 now and it's a time shifted version of the main channel)
  • True Drama UK (It was shut down in 2016)
  • BeinSport UK
  • EPL LIVE Football Channels (No EPG)
  • HBO UK (there are no HBO channels in the UK. Sky Atlantic broadcasts HBO shows in the UK)
  • Fox News UK (Was banned in UK - no such channel)
  • MTV Dance UK (was renamed to Club MTV)
  • MTV Live (No such channel in the UK)
  • Sky News Ireland (No such channel since 2006)
  • Chelsea TV (No such channel)
  • Eleven Sports (No EPG available)
  • Sky 2 (was renamed to Sky Replay)
  • Sky One (was replaced by Sky Showcase and Sky Max)

  • iTele (Was renamed to CNews and it's in the french list)
  • RTS La Un, La Deux (It's RTS 1 , 2 in Switzerland)
  • Zouzous (There is no such channel! It's on France4 and France5 which are in the list)
  • à la carte (no EPG)
  • Canal Play (no EPG - going to be shut down)
  • Prime Video Ligue

  • Хорошее Кино
  • Много ТВ (doesn't exist. It was replaced by Киносерия and it's in the list.)
  • IQ HD (was renamed to Планета HD and it's in the list)
  • Интересное ТВ (was renamed to Мужское кино and it's in the list)

Germany & Austria
  • Popcorn Select 1-6 (No EPG)
  • Folx TV (No EPG)
  • Kronehit TV (No EPG)
  • Kabel 1 Austria (doesn't exist)
  • ProSieben Austria (doesn't exist)
  • Star Paradies (No EPG)
  • FC Bayern (No EPG)
  • RTL 2 You (DE)
  • FOX Series (doesn't exist)
  • R9 / Regional 9 (No EPG)
  • Sky Arts (since 3 April 2019 available only in SkyGo. No EPG)
  • A&E (Was discontinued and rebranded to Crime Investigation)

  • TVE 24 (Already in list called 24 Horas)
  • Taquilla 1-10 (Already in list called Alquiler)

  • MCS Lifestyle (it was renamed to My Cuisine and it's in the list)

  • TRT 1 Avrupa (it doesn't exist)
  • Mehtap TV (discontinued)
  • Yeşil sinema (doesn't exist)
  • Lig TV (was renamed to Bein Sport)

  • One 2

  • Discovery HD (Showcase - Doesn't exist)
  • Extreme Sports (no unique programming, no dutch EPG)

  • AXN White
  • AXN Black

  • Investigation Discovery (replaced by Discovery Jeet in 2018)
  • D Sport (renamed to Eurosport on 17 March 2020)

  • V Sport Premier League 1-4

  • Fox Sports 500
  • Fox Sports 501
  • Fox Sports 502
  • Fox Sports 504
  • Fox Sports 507

  • ONE PH (There is no comprehensible data available)

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