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[FIXED] Update sometimes deleting all channels!
It seems that we have issues with the new autodelete feature.
If you have merged m3u files and you get updates, it can happen that your channels will be deleted.

Please ALWAYS click at the "view changes" button and if you see that an unusually high amount of channels were marked as "deleted", DO NOT click the SAVE button!

Click the "Revert changes" button at the top.

We will look into this issue on Monday!
This has been fixed, but we are still monitoring it.
If you still experience it, please contact us by email!
Just sent you an email regarding this issue. All my channels are gone!!
You should ALWAYS backup your settings.
There is a function for that!
What the story all my channels are deleted
(09-11-2018, 02:07 AM)vsantucc55 Wrote: What the story all my channels are deleted

Please contact us by your registered email address and tell us if you had a merged file and send us both original links which your providers gave you please!
Sent you an email last night, any info on it?

Just happened to me. Lost all but 1 of my channels. The default review option is delete. Very confusing. I thought the review list were the channels that had been changed by the provider. Read the instructions several times but made wrong choice.
There is a button called "restore previous" or "ignore update" or something similar on the update page which will ignore the update until the next day. I can't remember exactly how it is called.
We can't stress enough that you have to READ the texts on the site, not just clicking around like a blind chicken.

It is impossible that you lose all channels in the editor due to an update.
The only case is when our system wasn't able to get a file at the original address due to connection failures of any kind and believes that all those channels were deleted.
In such case the system will list all your channels as deleted and you can chose what you want to do.
Exactly for that reason you can undo/ignore the update, but only if you are still on the update page.

There is also a delete all button, which you should push only if you really don't want any of the updated channels.
But again: you have to look and read and think!

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