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all items appear as new
I am using Nextpvr and everything is working great besides that all entries on the epg show as new or premier. I did seek help on their forum this was the response.

If your guide source doesn't explicitly say if a show is new or old, then it's assumed to be new.

Is there a setting i might be missing on the epg that would populate the info for this? 
If the source explicitly says if a show is new or a rerun, we add the tags <premiere /> or <alreadyshown />

If the source doesn't give us that information then we don't add any tag to the epg data regarding premiere or rerun.

There is no setting on our site which would add this info, because we can not pull this info from thin air and we won't lie to you.

Your nextPVR shouldn't assume anything.
They need to change their code, or you have to live with the fact that for you everything is new.  Big Grin

Also that logic of theirs is very odd, because based on that logic no premiere has to be ever marked as premiere, because they assume it to be a premiere anyway.
Why to watch it then?

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