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Bulk editing via Action
The ability to select multiple channels and use a single "Action" against those would be nice. I am currently using IE in conjunction with XE. If IE had similar editing ability as XE it would be a complete one stop shop as IE has the BEST epg out there.
+1 for this feature
+1 for this feature
+1 for this feature

This is sorely needed for bulk mangling of lists.

This is the only reason I still need xtream
We started adding this today.
It will be available soon.
This feature has been added to the channel lists.

You can choose first and last channels by holding SHIFT button on your keyboard to choose all channels between them, or you can click the "select all" checkbox at the top to select/deselect all channels at once. Common computer/internet behavior!

You still can not move channels in bulk within the list, but it will be available shortly.


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