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m3u settings
If my ip provider changed my iptv link but the content is the same is it possible to edit the iptv link source of my groups so i don't have to add one m3u link again and setting up everything from the beginning?
If it's not possible yet i would like if it could be added as a feature to do.. thanks
+ 1 for this
+ 1 for this
We have added the possibility to change your name/password and domain in your m3u files.
Also merged m3u files work.

You always have to fill ALL name and password fields, even if you want to change only one.
If you want to change only your password, but not your name, then add your old name also as a new name.

If you misspelled your old name or password, we won't change anything, but due to the structure of the system and due to confidentiality we can not warn you about it, so ALWAYS be cautious, when changing usernames or passwords!
Please be aware that we can not be responsible, if you nuke your file because of misspelled words!

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