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slow loading and freeze
I've noticed that on the site when I click on "edit channels" for any group the whole page freeze until i get the whole page loaded with the channels listed. Especially it's a bit frustrating when a group have a lot of channels because the page take a really long time to load and after that if i click on any combobox of any channel they are really slow to even load a few items. 
Of course i use my computer and i have a gigabit connection at home so it can't be a problem of slow connection.
You shouldn't use m3u files with single groups filled with thousands of channels.
Our system doesn't just list those channels. There is a bit more going on in the background.
If you try to load a group with hundreds or thousands of channels, it will do that.

Finding a solution is already on the todo list, but for now you should delete everything you don't really need and put everything you need into smaller groups.

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