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Renumbering Channels
Hello, I just started using your service t help manage multiple IPTV accounts and IPTV Clients. One of the main reasons for using it is to help better organize my channel listing into a more usable version than what is organized in the original m3u files. I searched the forum and FAQs but can't seem to understand a few things.

All of the IPTV clients that I use organiz the channel order within the groups by Channel Number regardless of the order I set in your service. That actually makes sense to me and I'm good with it. The problem is trying to manage channel numbers on your site. I tried to manually alter the channel numbers in my m3u file before I uploaded it but it seems that even if a channel number is in the m3u file you don't import it and assign your own. I also understand this since most m3u files are online and can't be easily edited. So, I rearranged the channel order with your editor and when I import into my IPTV client the channel order remains set using the channel number and not my custom order. 

I renumbers my channels in your editor and it worked great however, it is extremely painful to renumber channels in the editor because it is extremely slow (30 seconds per channel) and it is also difficult to know what numbers are already in use in other groups. Would it be possible to add a feature that when you press it performs an "Auto-Renumber" on you whole m3u file using the custom order that has been set in your editor? If so, then we could drag and drop to organize our groups and have the system optionally do a full renumber of the whole file.

Maybe something like this already exists but I can't seem to find it. I did try to set the option to not require the editor but that just seems to take me to a checkbox list of channels and I can't seem to find any other functionality.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
Our channel numbers are only used by KODI.

Multiply used channel numbers are marked with a red border.

If it takes 3 seconds to rewrite a number then you probably have a very large group. Delete all the channels you don't need.
It's totally unnecessary to have thousands of channels. Even more so in a single group.
None the less rewriting a number is just that. You rewrite the number in your browser.
First when you click the SAVE button, will the number be sent to our server, so I rather assume that the problem is with your system.

The auto renumber button will renumber your channels in the order how they are present in your m3u file at that moment.
If you reordered your channels in the editor but don't click save and then you do a renumbering, then you renumber your channels in the old order, because you didn't save the new order.

If you rearrange the channels and you click the save button, then your channels will be listed in your m3u file in the order you just saved.
We take your m3u file and list all the channels line by line and that's what you will see in the editor.
I understand how it currently works. Are you saying that there is an "Auto-Renumber" button? Because that is exactly what I'm looking for. Where is it?

When I merge 2 or more m3u files and they have the same numbers the merged file has all duplicate channels. That is why I'm trying to renumber them.
OK. So it seems that the "Recount Channels" button is actually the Renumber option. I had assumed that "Recount" just counted the number of EPG Channels for subscription information. Now that I found it that solves my problems.
I am glad we could figure it out together :-)

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