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add channels
Hi please add astro cricket an setanta sports bot can be found on here
also not sure if its possible but if so astro sports go channels 1-12
Setanta Sports doesn't exist anymore.

Eir Sport channels are in Ireland.
Please know your channels before you ask for them.

From which country are those Astro channels supposed to be?
Astro channels are listed in Malaysia.

Please read the Forum Rules and use the channel finder!

Added Cricket and missing Sport Channels.
<channel update="i" site="" site_id="195" xmltv_id="Setanta Sports HD">Setanta Sports HD</channel>
<channel update="i" site="" site_id="197" xmltv_id="Astro Cricket HD">Astro Cricket HD</channel>
thanks for adding those, but clearly you should know your channels before saying they dont exist, i included the link for you to see for yourself, setanta exists in malaysia

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