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MyTVOnline EPG
Hello, I have a Formuler Z7+, and the new update to MyTVOnline now accepts m3u and epg input.  I enter my url's, and I get the programs, but no EPG info.  Any ideas on why?  Thanks in advance.
Watch the tutorial video on the main page of our website to learn how to use the site.
Also read the FAQ
Hi guys.
I too have a new Formuler Z7+ and it has the same issue.
I've used the iptv-epg XML for Perfect Player and ProgDVB and it is fine so the issue must be with the MyTVOnline app on the Formuler.
I posted on their forms about it and it seems several folks have the same issue with various IPTV providers, nothing to do with iptv-epg.

Just posting here in case anyone else looks on here for this issue...maybe someone can even supply a fix, but my guess is a fix will have to come in the shape of a Formuler MOL update.

Thank you Fozz!

I just learned about this box a few days ago.

Everybody please understand that we can not give support about 3rd party apps.
If you have a problem with loading EPG in an app, although you are sure you did everything right, please contact the app's developer!

All we do is providing a link and a bunch of text.
If you don't get the bunch of text after you added the link, then it's the app's fault, not ours and you have to complain by the app's developer.

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