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I know this is a fairly new channel, bit would be great if this could be added.
Sorry, it's not possible.

ESPN+ has games schedulet for the same time like this:

Quote:08:30P Live – United Soccer League From Oklahoma City, OK. USA – Okc Energy FC vs Reno 1868 FC [Live + Re-play] [ESPN+]
08:30P Live – United Soccer League From Nashville, TN. USA – Nashville SC vs Penn FC [Live + Re-play] [ESPN+]
08:30P Live – United Soccer League From Fenton, MO. United States – Saint Louis FC vs Swope Park Rangers [Live + Re-play] [ESPN

This can not be displayed in a regular EPG, because apparently there are different channels for the different games, or they messed up the times.
However, this can not be processed in our system.
We can not display three different games at the same time.

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