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Some UK Channels
Hello, may I please request the following channels and logos:

Sky Cinema Oscars  (United Kingdom)

RT News  (United Kingdom? not sure but channel is in english)

Thank you.
Please read the Forum rules.

Please read the FAQ.

Please use the channel finder on the website.

Sky cinema oscars is a channel which changes its name back and forth.
Sometimes it's called Christmas, sometimes it's called Star Wars or Harry potter.
Look for a channel that doesn't match any other sky channel and use that epg.
Hello, I found the right movie channel for Sky Oscars. Like you suggested it was listed as another movie name.
You did not mention my request
for RT News. Is this channel possible to get the epg & logo information? Cheers.

All RT channels are liosted in Ruddia.
That's why I mentioned the channel finder.

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