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Other services
I didn't see any listings for channels listed with or Filmon. I wasn't sure if this was possible. If not, is there an elegant solution to adding these?

If nothing else a nudge in the right direction would be great.

Thanks again and I love your service!
Filmon is just a collection of regular tv channels from all around the world.
I am not even sure if it's a legal service. I assume not.
We have EPG for all those channels that Filmon provides.
If you want to use their streams, you have to build your own m3u file with their stream links, like BBC1 is and add our EPG, in this case BBC1, to it. seems to be a collection of regular tv channels and youtube videos... or something like that.
To be honest I don't really get what it exactly is.
Their "EPG" is only for the actual day, so I don't really believe that we can offer it on our site.

For the regular channels they provide, like Vice, we have the EPG, but how you get the streams is your cup of tea.
We can't build a service around those services.

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