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XMLTV File Not Found
I am trying to set up the IPTV-EPG service with a fresh installation of NextPVR, and while it has worked successfully before, this time when I try to import the EPG file (that ends .xml.gz) I get an error message saying 'Unable to read (the EPG file)  The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.'

Is there a problem with your system?
If you get a 404 error that means that you used more IPs than your package is allowing and the IP you are trying to access the file with at the moment is already blocked.
Or your account is blocked by our automated system due to server/VPN usage.

Please contact us by email with your registered email address, so we can look at it
Set you a PM.
Your account is not blocked and all I can see is that there was no conenction on your account within the last 3 hours.

Please make it sure that your device can reach our server.
Uninstalled NextPVR; rebooted.
Applied Microsoft updates; rebooted.
Fresh clean re-install of NextPVR.
Used the IPTV-EPG URL's for the Device Setup.


It worked!

I'm not sure what the problem was, but thanks for checking.  All looks OK again now.
I am glad that it works now!

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