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Global Calgary
Hi EPG Admin,

I know this is probably kind of late, but I'm currently looking into this for my own setup. I focused on Global for this, and found that Global BC is mostly similar to Global Calgary, but there are some exceptions. There are times when a program is shown live (like in the case of Big Brother Canada, tonight at 8 PM MST) and when that happens the entire EPG gets messed up, because the local channels are trying to fill their schedules. Like two vehicles with their signal lights on at a stop, it will sometimes be in sync and sometimes not - a simple EPG timeshift can't fix this. I'm not sure how often situations like this will happen, because the EPG I have for my local channels (Calgary) only extend for half a day (the reason why I want a better EPG, such as yours).

This photo shows exactly what I'm talking about. The channel names can be seen in the red boxes, and the area with a discrepancy (in blue) can be seen; where Big Brother Canada needs to be on at 8 PM, since Global Calgary is 1 hour ahead of Global BCs schedule, an item must be filled in during that time - meaning something else later on must be omitted to get back on schedule.

What options do you recommend to deal with situations like this? It seems to me that there must be different EPGs for different local stations?
Added Global Calgary to canada.
Will be available after next server update.

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