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Channels Duplicated
Last week in a couple of the channel groups, I assigned channel numbers to replace the zero for the specific channels I am interested in getting EPG data for.  Today I received notification that my m3u file had been changed by my IPTV provider.  When I logged on to review the changes, I found that all the channels I had assigned numbers to were still there, but they were also listed above (duplicated) with zero channel numbers as well.  And, they had all been set as "Get EPG", which then meant each channel was being counted twice.  I changed all the zero channels to "No EPG, leave in m3u file", and left all the same channels with non-zero channel numbers as "Get EPG".  I have since refreshed the EPG in my client software here, and all the EPG data is coming through OK, so it looks like you have a bug in that channels that have been assigned channel numbers get duplicated when the m3u file is updated, and also that those channels are then counted twice.
Thank you for letting me know.

We are still working on the channel numbers.

We will fix this as soon as possible.
Were the duplicate channels in the update list?

If yes, that means the channel received a new streaming link.

Do both channels receive images?
I mean, if you switch to both channels (the numbered one and the duplicate), are you able to receive the stream?

You can also download your m3u file from our site, open it with a text editor and see if the streaming link is the same for both channels or if they are different.

Please let me know the result.

Or send me your registered email address, so we can look at your account ourselves.
It seems the channel links were changed.
We couldn't find anything.
I ended up deleting the m3u file and doing a fresh clean import.  All is OK now.  Thanks.

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