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Changes NOT Saved
I received a notification from you that my m3u file had been changed by my IPTV provider, and that I needed to logon to your system to review the changes.  I did that, and found that a lot of the channels in the US and UK groups that I had previously marked as "No EPG, leave in m3u file" had been changed to "Get EPG".  I went through and carefully changed them all back to "No EPG, leave in m3u file".  I saved the changes, and all appeared to be fine.  At the end, on the summary Groups page, I clicked the Save All button at the bottom, but found that immediately undid everything I had just changed.  I then had to go through and change them all back yet again.  This time, I was careful only to save within the individual groups, and not to save the overall changes.  It looks like you have a bug with the way that master save works.
It is not a bug.

Group settings ovverride channel settings.

If you set channels to NO EPG within a group and then you click the SAVE button on the group page (no matter if next to the single group or at the bottom for all groups) the channels will inherit the setting of the group automatically.
It'S for bulk editing channels.

If you want to have different settings for channels within the same group, just click the save button at the bottom of the channel page!
OK, I didn't understand that clicking Save on the summary page would change all channels within a Group to the default setting for that Group.  Thank you for explaining it.

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