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Have you EPG for CNBC Europe
Have you EPG for CNBC Europe (Portuguese Channel)

There is no CNBC in portuguese.

CNBC Europe in english is in the UK list.

Please read our FAQ about how we list channels and use our channel finder at the top of the website.

Also please read the Forum rules for the channel request forum at the top of the forum.
OK, now I'm officially confused!  If CNBC Europe (an NBC channel) can be listed under UK, why can't BBC America be listed under US?  Surely your logic for listing BBC America under UK would also require you to list CNBC Europe under US?
CNBC Europe's headquarter is in London, thus it is listed in the UK.

Even if it weren't so... just go with it and everything will be fine. Use the channel finder to look for channels.

If it gives you such a headache, just accept my "stupidity" because you can't do anything against it  Big Grin

But you are right. BBC America's Headquarters are in New York, which I didn't check, so I moved it to America. Now you can sleep well, you got what you wanted  Big Grin

Discussing about this lowered both of our IQ's by 10 points though...
Ha!  I'm sorry for being pernickety.  You provide a great service, and I really don't mean to quibble over small stuff.  If nothing else, maybe this will help avoid more questions from confused subscribers in the future.  Thank you for your response and support.
It's okay! Smile

Actually I am happy if people point out mistakes, but I have to be sure, that the user knows what he's talking about. Point of views are very different. I need facts for arguments Smile

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