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no M3U available from my IPTV service provider
I'm quite happy with my IPTV provider, the channel list is very good for me, and I even have an EPG included in the fee, but this EPG not always updated 100%, so I'm willing to try IPTV-EPG service. The problem is I have no M3U to provide you, as my IPTV service is app based, and I don't have access to m3u file (and is not avaiable from provider)
I am sorry, but then you can not use our service.
You need to be able to edit your m3u file adding the tvg-ids to the channels, otherwise how would your app know which EPG to display for which channel.
Your app also needs to be able to read external xml files for the epg data.

Your provider gave you probably a closed app, developed only for their service.

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