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NextPVR Client
I have used the channel edit feature on IPTV Simple Client and it works great. I can change the channel numbers to whatever I want them to be. I am wondering if you will be able to add this feature to NextPVR Client in the future.

That's a task for the programmers of that Client.

We can change the channel numbers in Simple Client, because the programmer of Simple Client added this feature to Simple Client.

Please ask the Programmers of NextPVR Client, if they support custom channel numbers and if yes, what tag do they support.

If they don't support it, you can ask them if they would add that feature to the client and support the m3u tag of tvg-chno=""
It's already supported.  In NextPVR, go to Settings / Channels and right click on any channel.  Click 'Details' and in the Channel Details panel that opens, you can change the channel number to anything you want.

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