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add plase
golden plus

golden premier 2

morbido tv

tv agro

directv sport

directv sport 2

directv sport +

tnt sport

Please read the forum rules first!
Please use the channel finder.

Please read other topics.

Please read the FAQ about channel listings.

If you did all of these, please edit your list.

Latin/Pan American channels are listed in Mexico or Panama.
If you read, no channel of which I step on the list are neither in Panama nor in Mexico nor in any country.

please check which channels were the ones I put before answering
Added the channels marked green in your original post.

Directv is geoblocked for me.
Will try to find a source.
ur kicking a dead horse with any directv south america sites.
ini's just cannot be dont,trust me i've tried many times and failed everytime and its the only source for the directv sports channels.
Ok, thanks!
muchas gracias por su respuesta y agregar los canales mencionados

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