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JOJ.SK some events in other language

i am using for the slovak private television JOJ.SK the EPG info, but some of the events are written in CZECH. It is a little bit confusing. It should be all in Slovak.

Please compare if the same happens here:

If it's mixed there, then it is mixed by the source and we can not fix that.

If you can show us a website where the guide is provided only in slovakian, please put the link here, so we have a "master".

We don't speak slovakian, nor czech, so we don't know which language is shown.
Without a reply I can't do much, so I'm moving it into the declined bug reports forum.
does it help, if you get the original epg direct from the TV station. I can call JOJ group and arrange all programms direct from them.
I sent you a PM

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