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Timeshift not working for enigma 2
I'm trying to use the timeshift in your m3u editor online to get the epg for +1, +24 but the problem is that it just works only when i use directly the m3u link and i look at the epg channels from perfect player for example..If i use the zip for enigma 2 and i install it on my decoder enigma on the channels +1 , +24 the epg shows the same epg of their main channels so it doesn't really work with enigma.. Can you resolve this issue or maybe tell me another way to force the timeshift for the enigma 2? (the channels i tried to use timeshift are (all italian) premium cinema, premium cinema 2, premium action, premium joy)
I also tried using timeshifting from here with my xtream editor m3u file on Perfect Player....Didnt work as well....I mean, there was no timeshifting at all.... The way I did it was: Imported m3u from Xtream editor to your Playlist editor ONLY to get EPG, not M3U..... Edited EPG on your editor with timeshifting as required..... Used the EPG URL on Xtream editor and exported both m3U and EPG from Xtream Editor to Perfect Player....Everythin loaded fine, but there was no timeshifting at all........ That was the only reason I used your editor but it didnt work for me.... Am I doing something wrong ?
Timeshift is working in M3U only, not in XML!

If you want to timeshift per file, you have to use OUR M3U file.

It's not a bug. It's how things work.

You can't timeshift in XML.

Some apps have timeshifting function, but they shift everything or nothing.

Timeshifting also doesn't work in Enigma2, because you don't use the M3U file in Enigma.
I think, Enigma2 has its own timeshifting function in its settings.
If not, then you are on your own.

If somebody can tell me how to timeshift Enigma2 by file (and NO! We won't change the timezone settings in your XML file for timeshifting!), we will be happy to integrate it.

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