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EPGs are mostly empty today...
Suddenly many of my channels have no EPG anymore... I've tried reloading the EPG, but its not fetching the majority of channels. It used to get about 15,000 programs, but now its only getting 2,500.
Same problem here... so it is not just you, I Am pretty much only my UK channels. But they fix stuff pretty fast here.
Which countries?
Which channels?
"Doesn't work" is too little info.

I don't see any problems on our side.

US and UK was updated normally.

Please use our channel list to check if the channels have programming in our database.

Check your accounts if you have any messages at the top of the page.

Disable local caching in your apps.

Save the m3u in the editor to regenerate the XML.

Delete and reimport the EPG completely. Even more so, if you use Enigma2.

Please read the FAQ in such cases!

If you did all this and you still have problems, contact us by email with your registered email account, so we can look at it!
Everything is back for me without any troubleshooting. Not sure what happened.

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