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Merge 2 IPTV service
If i decide to get another IPTV service, can i add that m3u link and use the merge feature to get all the channels of both services in 1 list.
Of course.
That function is there exactly for that Smile

Please use the merge function only next to the first m3u link.
The system is a bit buggy and if you use the merge option next to the second or third or whichever link, then you will get a crippled m3u file and you have to click the save button on any channel list page (withing a group) to get the full m3u.

We will fix this as soon as possible.
Probably next week.
is generated playlist still updated when both links change?
or only the first link will still upadted automaticlly?

Probably only the first will be updated.
I don't think that we have thought of that, but maybe the programmers were smarter, than me Smile

I will ask them and make sure that both providers get updates into one m3u file.

Good idea!

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