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some turkish channel dont have epg
following turkish channels dont have epg at the moment.
 Fox tv tr
tivibuspor tr
tivibuspor2 tr
tivibuspor3 tr
s sport tr
ntvsport tr
nat geo people tr
 nat geo wild tr
discovery channel tr
discovery showcase tr
animal planet tr
dtx tr
history channel tr
iz tv tr
yaban tv
24kitchen tr
showmax tr
fox tr
fox crime tr
fox life tr
cnnturk tr
 and some other.

I have epg on some sports channels and some regular ones, but more than 50 percent of my channels dont have it.  am I doing something wrong?
ok some channels are fixed now,

tivibu spor 2 and 3
ntv spor tr
fox crime tr
yaban tv
bein iztv
are the ones that still have problems.
Tivibu channels have EPG.

Bein IZ doesn't have EPG on the official website either, so it seems they have problems.
It will come back as soon as they fixed it.

All the other ones should be fixed after next server update.

Other than that, please watch the tutorial video on the main page to learn how to use the site.

Please use the channel list at the top of the site to see how many shows are stored for the channels in our database for the next 7 days.

That means, if the number next to the channel name is greater than zero, the channel has EPG. If you don't see it, the problem is on your side.

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