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1 household
(05-01-2018, 09:24 AM)Epg Admin Wrote: He should rather download his m3u file from our site, change the username and password in the m3u file on his PC in a text editor with a batch replace and upload the file to the second account.

I'm not trying to hijack this post but I would like some guidance on the same subject. [I am still in my free trial period]. 

We have a holiday apartment overseas that my wife uses for a couple of months each year to visit her family that are all based in that country (but in different houses). If I understood your explanation, that would still count as 1 household since only 2 (external) ip addresses would be used....albeit it in two different countries. In your above example you cite someone on a trip to Paris. My wife goes for a longer period because it is long haul and so expensive given a British Airways monopoly.....and her entire family (except me) live in that country.

To be very clear ONLY my wife and I would ever be using you EPG service.

Can you confirm this will be OK, or would we be limited to just one country? 

At a push, I could take the subscription for just her annual visits and NOT use it at our main home in UK....or just use it in one country at a time.

I know my situation is unusual but hope our situation is clear and I would appreciate your clarity.

Thank You
We do not limit countries, so it is absolutely okay for your wife using the service overseas during her visit.
You do not need a separate account.

If you stay in the IP range of your subscription, the system shouldn't have anything against it either Smile

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