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1 household

I don't quite understand how the 5 ip addresses and 1 household thing works. Does 5 IP addresses just mean 5 devices? I just want to be clear because i usually think of different IP address as different locations.

i pretty sure(99.99%+) the admin is going to say 5 devices same houshold or same ip.
when i say ip i dont mean the device ip on your local network,they will have different ip's here.they all connect to the same ip on the wan side(outside your router/modem).
i doubt u will convince him that u have 5 different internet providers(diff wan ip's).
The 5 IPs mean that you can connect from 5 different IP addresses simultaneously.

If you have 10 devices at home, but all are connected to the same WiFi network, they all have the same IP, namely the IP of your router.

So you can call your URL from those 10 devices at home simultaneously, while your 2 kids call the link in school on their mobile phones, which have their own IP addresses through the 4G network and your wife can call it on her business trip in Paris through the Hotel WiFi as well.

And you still have one IP free :-D

And one household means: your nearest family.

Your Grandpa in Austin Texas is not your household if you live in New York :-)
Sooo, if I let my dad use the same link that I am using I won't get banned??

I live in a medium size city (250,000 people) and we live on opposite sides of town.

Just trying to clarify.

Your dad is one household and you are one household.

You are not allowed to share the link with your dad.

Your family (kids and wife/husband/life partner who are living with you under one roof) and you are one household.
You are of course allowed to use your link you paid for even if you are on the road, but you are not allowed to share it with anybody outside of your household permanently.

Of course we can't see where you use your link, but if too many IPs are connecting, you might be blocked out while your dad has EPG.
so he should edit his post to say "he has another iptv box at the cottage" so the story fits the critera.
otherwise as you said u wont know the difference as he's not using above the allowed 5 different ip limit.
Haha ok, I have no problem buying another line for him. But he wants my exact channel setup. Any tips on how to clone my setup to his paid account?
At the moment there is no cloning.
If you export and import the back up, the links and usernames and passwords will be saved as well.

We will find a solution later how to solve this.
(03-03-2018, 03:25 AM)gr8hayz5 Wrote: Haha ok, I have no problem buying another line for him. But he wants my exact channel setup. Any tips on how to clone my setup to his paid account?

As an interim solution until a "clone" solution is achieved couldn't you just download your playlist from your provider and upload the local file to your dad's iptv-epg account?
He should rather download his m3u file from our site, change the username and password in the m3u file on his PC in a text editor with a batch replace and upload the file to the second account.

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