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Color Catagories
For my kodi setup it uses genre's name to look for an image file to use as an overlay.

But my theme lets me do that for more customization, without it, kodi converts the genre into a digit and it looks for a image with that as the name

[Image: ZTBKU4x.jpg]
Do you have to do something manually or is it automatic?
What skin do you use if it's automatic?

Can you explain this in a bit more detail?
Yea so I am using a modded version of Estuary... Estuary MOD V2 (

Even Estuary supports the color overlays however it handles it a little different.

For Estuary MOD V2 it has a toggle to switch from Kodi's standard colors for genres to a modded version that uses genre_names.png

I'll write a better report with folders and screenshots after work for you but this forum post shows some of how it works.

This shows with a modded line on top, and the backup uses the traditional file ##.png

In your skin folder, find MyPVRGuide.xml
(Note that you should copy the original skin and switch to your copy, otherwise your modifications may be overwritten when Kodi updates).

Edit MyPVRGuide.xml to find the two lines containing -
<texture border="3" fallback="windows/pvr/epg-genres/0.png">$INFO[ListItem.Property(GenreType),windows/pvr/epg-genres/,.png]</texture>
and replace them with -
<texture border="3" fallback="windows/pvr/epg-genres/0.png">$INFO[ListItem.Genre,windows/pvr/epg-genres/,.png]</texture>

This will get Kodi to select a texture file with the same name as the genre, rather than with a numerical name given by GenreType.

The epg-genres folder must now be populated with texture files (each containing your chosen colour) and named according to the genre shown in your EPG.
(You can simply rename the texture files already there if you wish).
You can now have any number of genres and colours by adding files to the epg-genres folder.
Note that your EPG genre names must now also be legal file names, so if your EPG shows a genre such as 'Movies/Drama' you must make sure you change it to 'Movies-Drama' or similar.


example of changing the default background

<texture border="3" fallback="windows/pvr/epg-genres/0.png">$INFO[ListItem.Property(GenreType),windows/pvr/epg-genres/,.png]</texture>

<texture border="3" fallback="windows/pvr/epg-genres/0.png">windows/pvr/epg-genres/48.png</texture>


Should be home around 6PM EST and will finish the post then
Sorry for the delay, having a hard time finding the non modded stuff but this may help

it works by having the user create a new folder called epg-genres with <Category>.png for each tag

I guess it may work best if you adopted a standard list of categories per show (if available) and trimmed any excess tags

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