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About the Smart TV app...
The newest version:

EDIT: video removed
This appears to be a game changer and looks great! I can't wait for the LG version to emerge. Any idea on the timeline of the availability on the webOS store?
I really do not want to promise anything.

It was predicted to be finished within 3 weeks and now we are developing it double the time and we are not yet finished, but we are close.

I would say within the next week we have the finished app.
Then we have to see how long Samsung and LG needs to enable it on their stores.
The channel screen's info bar (video blocked in USA and Canada):

Facebook Version:

(03-30-2018, 03:41 PM)Epg Admin Wrote: I don't know the specifications for LG yet, but I assume it will be compatible with all LG TVs which use WebOS.
We are focusing on Samsung right now and we are testing only on Samsung.
When the App is ready to be released, we will convert it to LG and test it.
Then I will be able to tell more details about it.

Any progress on the status of the app for LG?
LG started testing yesterday (11. June) although we submitted already two weeks ago.

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