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Channel numbers
As you probably recognized, there are channel numbers next to your channel names now showing "0".

This feature is only useful for people who use KODI with IPTV Simple Client!

The feature is not yet fully finished, but you can already use it.

If you add a channel number to the channel, that channel number will appear in KODI and pushing the number on your remote control will switch the channel on your TV.

Please keep in mind, that if you add one channel number to your M3U file, all other channels without a channel number will be sorted BEHIND the channel with the channel number.
That means: if you add channel number 100 to one channel, the next channel automatically becomes channel 101.
Channels which have a channel number will of course be displayed with their number.

Also keep in mind that if two channels have the same channel number, they will be displayed with the same number which might confuse your remote control  Big Grin

For this feature being functional, you need to enable the option "Use channel numbers from backend" in PVR & Live settings in KODI.


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