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channel xml file, without m3u editor, howto ?
(02-23-2018, 04:21 AM)Senna Wrote:
(02-14-2018, 01:41 PM)Epg Admin Wrote: No, there was no notice about this.
If we send a notice about every fart, then people will start putting our emails into their spam folders.
We develop the site continuously as written in our Terms of Use. That means changes will happen.
You are the one who has to keep up with the changes, because we develop the site not for your use case, but for everybody's.
I hope you understand.
In 6 months time you only have sent the following emails:
- 2 status server updates
- 2 newsletters
- 1 blackfriday offer

So that extra "fart" would have been appreciated, for people who edit their m3u offline or have other ways to do it.
I was also surprised that I got no EPG and had to find out one week later you changed the working procedures of the site.

But thanks for adding the option to disable the online editor in account settings and to find my 400+ channel settings were still in place.

I understand the change, but in my opinion those changes should have been introduced not affecting current users, but to new users only, with the new system.

Next time with a site change, involving big changes in working procedures like we had now, an email will be very appreciated, so users can have 6 days available to adapt to those changes instead of being surprised that changes are implemented 6 days or more ago, leaving them suddenly with a blank EPG, like I just experienced.

This ^ 100%.

If you want to keep users long term, you should give people notice. Even a few short videos explaining why your new system is better than the old way, would be very beneficial.
I understand you, but we get emails calling us spammers, just because the system sends an email when your m3u is updated.
People are really annoyed about that their provider updated their m3u files and we send a notice about that.

So what do you think, whom I should listen to?

Also many changes occure because of reasons.

If hundreds of people are running away, because they don't understand the system, then I have to act fast.
You will figure it out. You are intelligent enough.
They are apparently not.
(02-23-2018, 09:40 PM)Epg Admin Wrote: I understand you, but we get emails calling us spammers, just because the system sends an email when your m3u is updated.
People are really annoyed about that their provider updated their m3u files and we send a notice about that.

Well, than adapt to those "complaints" by providing account options to disable email system notifications about m3u changes and send out a newsletter that users can stop "spamming" themselves by enabling this option in user account, or better, disable it by default, when incorporating this new option in account settings.

Easy solution, which makes everyone happy and leaves room for your normal email traffic about server updates and newsletters involving big site changes.
Everybody who watches IPTV needs an m3u file. No matter what's your setup, you have an m3u file. That's a fact.
You have to store that file somewhere. That's a fact too.
If you are against our new system with such vehemency, then either you are simply lazy to move your m3u file or you have something to hide.
None of those two things will be tolerated here.

As you already experienced, we try to fullfill every feature request and we try to do it as fast as we can, but we won't develop the site around the needs of a single user or a small group.
You better get used to it.

There were cases where somebody just didn't want to switch from xtream editor to our system and therefore we shouldn't have do this, because he "doesn't like it".
That'S not how it works.
Also on xtream editor it is mandatory to upload an m3u file, so actually I don't understand, what's the big deal about this.

And if you think, that I am an arrogant, rude asshole, you are right and you better get used to it too :-D
We are talking about complete different subjects here. My response was about not sending an email about site changes, because you choosed not to, for not getting spam complaints and only provided a simple solution.

Never did I complain about site changes and new working procedures, only about not letting users know that this change was implemented which had a huge impact. You are mixing up responses from other users and indeed, by doing that you are rude to me in this aspect, if your response was directed to me.

Take it easy and take a Sisi...
My response was general, not targeted at specific persons, but at the group of all those, who were against the change.

If I want to target specific people, I will quote them or address them with "@Username".

These were the thoughts I got after having to come here, because actually I am getting tired of this  Cool
There is always somebody who will complain, no matter I do.

I post changes if I think it's necessary and/or when I have the time to do it.

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