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My epg dont update after I make changes from my provider
I go into my account and remove channels I dont want I hit save etc but the channels still show in my epg it never removes them from m3u or xml
I don't understand.

Are there changes from your provider which are not saved or are you doing the changes and they are not saved?

How do you tell that they are not saved?

Do you open the m3u and xml files on your computer with a text editor and check for the changes or do you just look into your TV and they are still there?
I go to website I remove what channels I dont want from my m3u that were there or currently added by my provider. It says my epg will be updated. But when I got to my guide on perfect player or pvr simple client the channels are still there and it dont update to remove them
Please read the FAQ.

You have to disable local caching and reload the data in your app.

In KODI you have to disable local caching in KODI GENERAL settings AND in Simple Client EPG settings.

Reload data in KODI General settings and restart KODI.

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