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Re-access to VOD section
Hello the new option "mark as VOD" is pretty cool.
But some channel provider, update their playlist every day (especially for VOD) ...

So I'm faced with this problem: 
Every time an update takes place on a playlist I validate the news and the "mark as VOD", but sometimes the new group is placed first in my organization groups, and since it is "mark as VOD" I can not move it anymore to put it where it should be in my organization.

I should not be the only one to have noticed that, and preferred to have important channel groups to my eyes first and the VOD rather towards the end of the groups.

Sorry for this bad English.
We are already working on this.

Please be patient.
(02-02-2018, 06:41 PM)Epg Admin Wrote: We are already working on this.

Please be patient.

I would also like this to be implemented - given one might mark a group as VOD, you cant change it back. Kind regards
We have a vod section in the editor now. You can edit your VOD groups and movies just like regular TV channels.

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