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+1 uk channel won't work
I did think that.
ya,if it were the same program shifted +1 it should have a start time of 10:05 and have the same description as the first screeenshot.
Ok, the previous screenshots were not good. Also becasue I forgot to disable local caching and due to the changing clock and the switch between the shwos exactly at that same time created a false image which I didn't recognize and believed that it worked.

Maybe these screenshots can explain it better.
It's in hungarian but you can compare the times, the description texts and the following shows on Animal Planet which has been shifted in the m3u editor.

The timeshift worked. All other channels have the exact same timing.
The software is KODI, which is only available for jailbroken devices on iOS.

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Thanks for the help, im now trying out kodi on apple tv 4k and the epg seems to work
I am glad that you were able to figure it out Smile

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