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+1 uk channel won't work
I've changed the time shift in the m3u editor to both +1 and -1 and it makes no difference in iplaytv app. Ive loaded the epg .xml into firefox and searching i cant seem to find anything related to the +1 channels, "+1000" or "-1000". I've also tried changing timezones to UTC in the websites settings all with no luck making a difference. I've tried everything I can find so my last resort was posting here.
Timeshifting doesn't change your XML. It addst the tvg-shift=X tag to your m3u file.

Your app probably doesn't support it.

Use a different app.

I just checked the timezone settings and it works fine.

If the xml doesn't change for you then you do something wrong.
Do you know what app supports it on apple tv? I've tried a few and still no luck.
To be honest I have no idea.

See if the app itself has timeshifting options.

You can also contact the app developers and ask them to update their apps with timeshift recognition.

They are most probably humans and you can talk to them :-D
I tried every app on apple tv (about 6-7, including paying for a few of them) and all didn't show +1 channels correct.

One app allowed me to do a timeshift option so i set it to +1 and the epg still aligned with the none +1 channel.

Maybe i'm doing something wrong but it seems pretty simple to edit the m3u file, find the +1 channel in the the channel list and time shift it +1 followed by saving. But it's just not working. Maybe someone that has successfully gotten +1 channels to function correctly can help....

I see in the channel request section not to request +1 channels but wouldn't it be easy for you guys to just timeshift all the +1 channels internally and have the epg automatically chose them. You already have the epg for the normal channel, just need to add it to a +1 channel name and timeshift internally. That way +1 channels will just work hassle free in any player like all the other "normal" channels do.
No, we can't just timeshift on the fly for your convenience.

If we wanted to timeshift the EPG, we would need to process and save the xml file again.

To be honest I don't see any sense in +1 channels and I am not willing to waste resources on them.
If you are not at home to watch the show at its regular time, then record it or watch the replay or download it from the net.
There are dozen other possibilities.

With the same logic, how +1 channels work, we could do +2 and +3 and +4 and +5 and +10 versions of the EPG.

We provide a service that is prepared for timeshifting. If all the wannabe app developers have no clue about what they are doing, it's not our fault.
We are not the ones who have to work around their flaws and incompetent coding.

As I said: please contact them.
I've tried many different software all with the same result, surely they cant all be at fault. Multiplex channel in plex and tvheadend both don't show correct epg for +1.

It's clear from your reply you don't want to "timeshift for my convenience" but It sounds like maybe you misunderstood what i meant as it wasn't that. Using for example. Have a new channel called which uses a time shifted version of It's pretty clear from your reply though that this will never be a option.

Maybe someone internally can test +1 channels with a .m3u and see the result on a actual iptv player. Although the code presumably looks correct, there could be a issue. Or maybe i could provide a admin access to just my xml file to check in whichever iptv software they rate.
I know exactly what you mean and how it works with +1 channels.

The tvg_shift="1" tag is the standard way to timeshift in the m3u.
We add that tag to your m3u if you timeshift in the editor.

The m3u file is just a bunch of text that must be comprehended by the software.
There is nothing that can be done wrong or can be faulty on our side. It's there or it isn't.

If none of those apps work, then probably all those apps use the same crappy framework and their developers have no clue about IPTV, they just throw something together and hope for the quick buck.

It is senseless to discuss about this here.

Discuss it with them.

I tested it for you that you see, in a professional software it really works. See the three images:

Attached Files Image(s)
Thank you for testing. Which software you use? That would be helpful if thats what it works in.
well i dont see it...
look at the first screenshot..
start time 09:05 and the name of the show and look in the bottom right where it says the next show time and title.
its 10:00 am and same program is on again.

now u added the timeshift..

look at 3rd screenshot.10:00 am,same title and diff description.

so is not the same show with a timeshift.

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