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M3U list lost
Hi guys,
I just get in to my lists and found out that some groups has bee lost.

I saw other post that is possible to restore a list config but I haven't, is there any way to get the option "Import your previusly saved editor" ?
Generally you should contact us by email with your registered email address about such problems.

I found your account by your username now.

You can import previously exported settings if you have no m3u file on the account, so if you have exported your previous settings, you can delete all the m3u files you have right now on the account and then you will see the option for importing the old settings.

What groups are you missing?
Groups don't disappear without reason.
At least I can't imagine that we have such a bug.
Hi, thanks for your response!.
I'll do it next time.
I see now why I haven't that option "Import your previously saved editor" thanks for explain.
About the issue... don't worry In staring from scratch... actually I'm cleaning up the closet ;-).

Cool :-)

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