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Greek Channels

The EPG of all the greek channels are off by 48 hours. The programs displayed right now (01/24) are the ones in two days (01/26). Please fix that.

Kind regards
That is impossible, because they come from different sources.
If all of them are off exactly the same amount of time, then the problem is most probably on your side.

Please read the FAQ about time shifting, time zones and summer/winter time.

I checked ERT1 and it's the same data in our xml as on
Yes ERT 1 isn't off by 48 hours (only one channel actually is – i think) but it's still off since all the programs are one off. For example, for Sunday 01/28, your xml says :

20.55 I Mihani tou xronou
22.00 Kentriko Deltio Eidisewn...
01.00 Athlitiki Kyriaki

While it should say :

19.50 I Mihani tou xronou
20.55 Kentriko Deltio Eidisewn...
22.00 Athlitiki Kyriaki

I then went on to check ERT 2 and it's even more messy : same problem with ERT1 (events one off) but there are also a day off (xml displays on friday the program from saturday – i'm on GMT +1, greek programs on GMT +2)

Same thing with the Cosmote Cinema 1 and Cosmote Cinema 2

For Cosmote Sports 1, the days are right (yeah !) but there is still this "one off" problem. On saturday 01/27, your xml shows the event "Manchester City - Newcastle" at 15.25 while it should be at the 13.30 slot (and the 13.30 event should be at the 11.15 slot, and so forth).

For Cosmote Sports 2, i have no idea what's going on there. 

For Nova Sports 1, the programs are off by 2 days – this is the channel i based my observation on.

Anyway, i'm not gonna do your job. The epg for the US, UK, Canadian, French channels seems to be all right, but the greek ones sure are a mess. So the problem is on your side, please fix it.
Ok, I found the problem and fixed it.
The channels were off, because the ending times of the shows were added to the xml as start time and vice versa.

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