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BBC1 UK London
I have just setup an account after the free trial as this is a great service.
My ISP streams BBC1 London whereas you offer BBC1 Anglia. Would it please be possible to offer an EPG for London in addition to Anglia as there are differences. From my knowledge most of us expats receive BBC1 London.
Thank you and kind regards,
jB Cool
BBC1 ( is BBC 1 London.
If you look here and hover the mouse over the BBC1 logo, you will see that it says "BBC One Lon":
We have the same data.

Please compare your TV with the sky schedule. If it's not the same, then you probably have the BBC World or a local version, like for example BBC1 Scotland (also available on the sky schedule for comparison) or you have some time shifting in it.

I am happy to add another channel for you, but only if you are 100% sure that you know what you are asking for.
Just because your provider calls it London, it doesn't mean it's really London.
Based on the professionalism and legality of your provider it can be anything, because most of them don't know and also don't care and they give the channel any fantasy name that might propel their sales.
I move it to declined, because no reaction.

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