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Excluding useless channels is painful
Hi Guys,

So today my provider updated the m3u file.
Problem is, I have plenty of useless channels to review, but I don't have an option to skip this step.

I'd love an option to "DELETE ALL CHANGES" with one click. Instead of marking one by one "Delete from M3u".

I dunno why, these channels has been merged to a group of actual channels I use.
So I can't do this step by Group level (don't know if I explained well).

I forwarded this to the programmers.
The updates are displayed in groups now, so you can easily delete the whole group with all the channels in it, or you can view the channel list within the group and you can add the channels you want to keep to your active m3u file and delete all the others.
The "delete all" button is not needed anymore.

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