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Edit source icons?
Can we edit the icons from the source?
I would request also extended functionality for icons - add your own when missing, or default to the playlist one when the epg wont support.
I would also ask if there is a way to contribute with icons, I have a few really good for some of the most popular Bulgarian
Editing the icons is on the todo list.

We are adding icons continuously.

Very nice of you to offer the icons, but finding them is not the problem.

We need icons 256x256 pixels, without any background or frame where the logo is touching the border on four sides or at least on two sides either vertically or horizontally based on the design of the logo.

Of course it also shouldn't have any fragments nor must it be low quality pixelated image blown up from a small icon etc.

Also it has to be the actual, official design.

If you have such icons, you can send them in a zip or rar file to our email address.

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