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VOD - exclude channels from editor
I wonder if you could add an extra entry in the initial drop-down menu, once m3u list is imported so that user could mark manually the VOD groups. As a result channels would be excluded from the editor.

Current behaviour: only the groups that are automatically recognised as containing VOD are treated as such. All the other groups are treated as if they were TV groups

New behaviour: ability to tag groups as VOD once the list is imported so that such these groups are treated as VOD groups (same behaviour you have for the groups that are automatically recognised as such)

I hope it is clear and it makes sense :-)

I added it to the todo list.
We have just added this function.
In the group options in the dropdown menu you can mark the group VOD and tell the system if you want to keep it in the m3u or delete it from there as well.

I have now tested the functionality. My feedback:
- for existing lists I marked some groups as "VOD keep in m3u" and they were moved, however the list of channels has not been updated when the list was reloaded (I know this because original list has changed in time, whereas my VOD list didn't... and by switching on the option nothing changed)
- for new lists the functionality is not available once m3u is imported

I understand there is currently an open issue in uploading automatically lists adding new channels from the source file? I guess until this is solved there is no additional benefit in using the feature (I actually prefer the previous version as I can create sublists for my VOD categories that otherwise are not available in the editor anymore...

==> the workaround I'm thinking of using is to exclude the channel groups from the m3u file and then adding the original m3u list as a second source in perfect player (this will merge the 2 lists, using the VOD files from original m3u list, but it adds quite a lot of time to start of perfect player)

I don't understand your message.

If you mark a VOD channel or group as such, it will disappear from the editor, because we do not care for VOD. You can keep them in the M3U with the settings of your provider, or you can delete them from the m3u.

If you import a new m3u, it'S the same. During the import you get the list of VOD groups (if we recognized them as such) and you can decide to keep them in the m3u or delete them from the m3u.

That's all this feature is doing.

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