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XML file not updated

For 3 days now the XML file I download is still the same with programs ending 13th of January. So I have only 4 days forecast now. What can be wrong?

PS: Had the same problem in September.
Please read the Status Report forum before posting a problem.

Also I can't do anything with such messages without knowing your registered email address.

Contact us about account related problems ONLY by email from your registered email address!
Sorry, I forgot bug should be reported by mail. The satus report didn't show anything when I started this thread and now it annouces XML update is ok. But right now my XML file is still the same old one.

I'll check tomorrow again and if still wrong I'll send a mail.

This is why you have to explain the situation very precisely.
I assume, those channels you are missing are french channels.
If so, then that was a bug in the update.
I fixed it now.

But it's REALLY very important that you tell all details of your problem.

If somebody else wouldn't have reported french channels being down on Facebook, I wouldn't have thought of it to check.

So again for the thousandth time: "Doesn't work" is nothing I can work with.

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